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Groups are virtual chapters that foster Christ-centered community regardless of one’s proximity to one another  They globally bridge people with shared interests, uniting professionals on fire for Christ.
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AYP Lawyers

  • Private Group
  • AYP Lawyers is for young lawyers and law students who are interested in growing their network of Adventists within the industry. The group will feature regular zoom gatherings throughout the year with the goal of keeping local ministry groups connected to the overarching AYP institution while strengthening on the ground, individualized ministries within each state. The intention is to help Adventist legal professionals foster a sense of connectedness to the church institution by creating a safe space for people who can relate to each other and strengthening them in their Adventist identity and purpose.
Your Call Gods Answer Icon

Your Call, God’s Answer

  • Private Group
  • Your Call, God’s Answer is for young professionals as well as those at the beginning of their careers who have not started a profession as yet, who are interested in understanding God’s purpose for their lives and how to get started with it. The group will feature interactive and challenging discussion as well as take-away action plans with the goal of all participants being fully equipped and enabled to have a clear perspective of their career paths and how to achieve their career goals. This group is not just a study group, it is a coaching group, where you will be led to investigate God’s word as well as discover yourself through powerful coaching techniques.

Adventist Music Professionals

  • Private Group
  • Adventist Music Professionals is for young professionals who are pursuing a career or full-time ministry in music. The group will feature discussions of relevant music-related topics, networking and brainstorming sessions, and collaborative research into the Biblical role of music professionals within the body of Christ. This group meets once a month on the second Sunday at 8:00pm ET USA
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